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1000M-1100M 28V LTE Power Amplifier ACPR 40 Low Noise Figure High Power Output
  • 1000M-1100M 28V LTE Power Amplifier ACPR 40 Low Noise Figure High Power Output
  • 1000M-1100M 28V LTE Power Amplifier ACPR 40 Low Noise Figure High Power Output

1000M-1100M 28V LTE Power Amplifier ACPR 40 Low Noise Figure High Power Output

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MXT
Model Number TDD1000T1100M 5W-28V 100x55
Product Details
Output Power Stability:
Noise Figure:
Frequency Range:
1000MHz To 1100MHz
Power Output:
High Light: 

1000M-1100M LTE Power Amplifier


Low Noise Figure LTE Power Amplifier

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Delivery Time
4 Weeks
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
1000 Sets Per Month
Product Description

ACPR 40 Low Noise Figure and Light Amplification for Low-Cost Light Solutions 1000M-1100M 28V

Product Description:

LTE Power Amplifier Product Overview

The LTE Power Amplifier is a high-performance, cutting-edge product that is designed to enhance the overall performance of LTE networks. With its advanced technology and superior features, it is the perfect solution for improving network coverage and quality.

Key Features
  • Noise Figure: Low - The LTE Power Amplifier is equipped with advanced noise reduction technology that ensures low noise figure, resulting in improved signal quality and reduced interference.
  • Linearity: Excellent - With its exceptional linearity, this power amplifier is capable of delivering high-quality, distortion-free signals, making it the perfect choice for applications that require high levels of accuracy and precision.
  • Power Output: High - The LTE Power Amplifier is designed to provide high output power, making it ideal for use in large coverage areas or in situations where a strong and stable signal is required.
  • Reliability: High - With its robust design and superior quality components, this power amplifier offers unmatched reliability and can operate continuously without any performance degradation.
  • Weight: Light - The LTE Power Amplifier is designed with lightweight materials, making it highly portable and easy to install in any location.
Advanced Technology

The LTE Power Amplifier is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that sets it apart from other amplifiers in the market. Its innovative design and advanced features make it a top choice among operators and technicians.

Enhanced Performance

With its superior features and advanced technology, the LTE Power Amplifier offers enhanced performance that results in improved network coverage, increased data rates, and higher network capacity. This makes it an essential tool for network operators looking to provide their customers with a seamless and high-quality LTE experience.

Video Link and Bi-Directional Capability

The LTE Power Amplifier is equipped with a video link feature that allows operators to monitor and control its performance remotely. Additionally, its bi-directional capability enables it to transmit and receive signals simultaneously, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for network optimization.

ACPR 40 Compliance

The LTE Power Amplifier is compliant with the ACPR 40 standard, ensuring that it meets the required levels of performance and efficiency. This makes it a reliable and high-quality choice for network operators.

Overall, the LTE Power Amplifier is a top-of-the-line product that offers low noise, excellent linearity, high power output, and high reliability. Its lightweight design, advanced technology, and enhanced performance make it a must-have tool for any LTE network. Upgrade your network and provide your customers with the best possible experience with the LTE Power Amplifier.




  • Product Name: LTE Power Amplifier
  • Frequency Range: Wide
  • Operating Temperature: Wide
  • Reliability: High
  • Weight: Light
  • Gain: High
  • High Efficiency
  • Video Link
  • High Linear Power
  • High Linearity


Technical Parameters:


Item Specification
Frequency Range 1000-1100MHz
Output Power 37dBm
Tx Gain 44 ± 1 (dB)
Rx Gain 10 ± 1 (dB)
Gain Flatness 2.0 (dB) Peak To Peak Over Freq Band
Gain Stability ± 1.5 (dB) Over Temp
In/Out VSWR Less Than 1.5:1
DC Current 2 (A)
Size(DxWxH) 100x55x16(mm)
In/Out Commector MCX
Time Delay ≤2(us)
Operation Temp. -20 ~ +65 (°C)
I/O Map ON/OFF control
Supply Voltage 28V
Work Mode TDD OFDM Signal
G.W. 163g






LTE Power Amplifier - MXT
Brand Name: MXT

MXT is a reliable and innovative brand that specializes in wireless communication solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing high-quality products that enhance the performance and efficiency of wireless networks.

Place of Origin: China

Our LTE Power Amplifier is proudly made in China, using advanced technology and high-quality materials. Our manufacturing facility follows strict quality control measures to ensure that every product meets international standards.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

With a low minimum order quantity of only 5 units, our LTE Power Amplifier is suitable for both small and large scale projects. We believe in providing flexible solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

At MXT, we understand the importance of timely delivery. Our efficient production process allows us to deliver the LTE Power Amplifier within 4 weeks of receiving the order, ensuring that your project stays on schedule.

Payment Terms: T/T

We accept payment through T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) for all orders. This secure and efficient method ensures smooth transactions and helps us maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

Supply Ability: 1000 Sets Per Month

With a monthly production capacity of 1000 sets, we are well-equipped to meet the demands of our clients. Our advanced manufacturing facility and skilled workforce enable us to maintain a steady supply of high-quality LTE Power Amplifiers.

Gain: High

The LTE Power Amplifier by MXT is designed to provide high gain, ensuring a strong and stable signal for data transmission. This makes it ideal for use in areas with weak signal strength or remote areas with limited network coverage.

Frequency Range: Wide

Our LTE Power Amplifier has a wide frequency range, enabling it to support multiple frequency bands. This makes it compatible with various wireless communication systems, including 4G/5G networks, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Linearity: Excellent

With excellent linearity, our LTE Power Amplifier ensures the accuracy and consistency of the amplified signal, minimizing distortion and interference. This results in improved data transmission and a more reliable wireless network.

Size: Compact

The compact size of our LTE Power Amplifier makes it a perfect fit for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Its small form factor also makes it easy to install and saves valuable space in base stations.

Efficiency: High

MXT's LTE Power Amplifier is designed for high efficiency, minimizing power consumption and heat dissipation. This not only reduces energy costs but also extends the lifespan of the product, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term use.


The bi-directional feature of our LTE Power Amplifier allows for simultaneous transmission and reception of signals, improving the overall performance and speed of data transmission. This makes it ideal for high-speed internet applications and MIMO technology.


The Advanced Composite Power Rating (ACPR) of 40 ensures that our LTE Power Amplifier maintains a low level of interference and distortion, resulting in a clear and stable signal. This makes it suitable for use in crowded areas with multiple wireless devices.

Application and Scenarios

Our LTE Power Amplifier is perfect for use in various applications and scenarios, including:

  • Wireless communication systems
  • High-speed internet access
  • Portable devices
  • Base stations
  • Remote areas with weak signal strength

With its high gain, wide frequency range, and excellent linearity, the LTE Power Amplifier by MXT is a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing wireless communication networks. Its compact size, high efficiency, and advanced features make it a valuable asset for telecom operators, businesses, and individuals alike.

Order your MXT LTE Power Amplifier today and experience seamless and reliable wireless connectivity!




LTE Power Amplifier Customization Service - MXT

Brand Name: MXT

Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 1000 Sets Per Month

Cost: Low

Operating Temperature: Wide

Size: Compact

Noise Figure: Low

Output Power Stability: Excellent

With our LTE Power Amplifier Customization Service, you can enjoy a high-performance, tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Our amplifiers are designed to enhance the performance of your OFDM signal, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution for your communication needs.

Our amplifiers are housed in a durable aluminium case, ensuring protection and stability for your device. With high power and efficiency, our amplifiers are able to deliver excellent performance, while maintaining a low noise figure. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, both in terms of size and operating temperature.

With a minimum order quantity of just 5 units and a delivery time of only 4 weeks, our LTE Power Amplifier Customization Service offers you the flexibility and speed you need to stay ahead in today's fast-paced market. We also accept T/T as a payment term, making it easier for you to do business with us.

Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions, choose MXT for a customized LTE Power Amplifier that meets your exact requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our customization service and how we can help you achieve your goals.


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